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Revitalize Your Space with Junk Removal in Olympia, WA!

Unleash a new level of cleanliness and organization with our top-notch junk removal services in Olympia, WA – the key to unlocking a clutter-free, stress-free environment. Say goodbye to unwanted debris and hello to a new, revitalized space you’ll love to live in!

Experience Expert and Stress-Free Junk Removal Services in Your Area

Witness the sheer force of our services as we demolish clutter, conquer construction debris, and liberate your living areas. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can harness the commanding prowess of Universal Junk Removal. Take charge of your surroundings today by contacting our powerhouse team in Olympia, WA, for a consultation.

Our dedicated professionals wield unparalleled strength and efficiency in branch removal, yard waste removal, garage clean outs, appliance removal, and more.

We succeed when you succeed!

Jordan Camerino
Jordan Camerino
Communication was great! Showed up, Point and they cleaned up Quick! Great team, and one of the best ways to get thing out during a military move!
Kathy Cross
Kathy Cross
Quick , thorough, responsive, and reasonable services. Highly recommend.
April Brooks
April Brooks
Used a couple of times. These guys are quick and friendly. Definitely recommend!
Natalie Scherwin
Natalie Scherwin
Fast, easy, responsive!
So amazing! I really needed to get some stuff hauled at a construction site and they came within 2 hours of calling!!! Very fast and so nice to work with, I will definitely recommend and continue to use in the future.
Responsive, efficient, clean and professional. Same day pickup and no complaints about the service. Very polite and didn't leave a mess.
Jill Archer
Jill Archer
Jose and his crew were efficient and thorough.

We Cover All of Olympia, WA

Revolutionize Your Space with Our Expert Junk Removal Services

Are you tired of living amidst clutter and unwanted junk? Imagine reclaiming valuable square footage in your home or office and enjoying a clean, organized environment that promotes productivity and peace of mind.

Thus, take the first step towards a clutter-free space today! Contact Universal Junk Removal and let our expert team in Olympia, WA, unleash their unmatched power and efficiency to transform your space. Don’t let clutter hold you back—get in touch now for a consultation and experience the remarkable difference.

Unveiling the Perks of a Clutter-Free Life – Enjoy the Benefits of Our Professional Help

Unlock the full potential of your space with professional junk removal services in Olympia, WA. Universal Junk Removal provides outstanding benefits of a clean and clutter-free environment. Discover how our expertise and efficiency can transform your surroundings.

Create a Safe and Healthy Space:

Trust our professional team to remove unwanted items, branches, yard waste, and debris, ensuring a safer and healthier living or working environment. We prioritize proper disposal and recycling, contributing to a cleaner and greener community.

Regain Valuable Space:

Reclaim your space by relying on our efficient branch removal, garage clean outs, and appliance removal services. Say goodbye to clutter and enjoy a more spacious and organized area.

Enhance Aesthetics and Value:

Experience the visual transformation as our junk removal services enhance the aesthetics of your property, boosting its market value. Create an inviting atmosphere and make a lasting impression.

Save Time and Energy:

Leave the time-consuming and physically demanding task of junk removal to us. Our expert team handles everything, allowing you to focus on more critical aspects of your life.

Then, embrace the power of professional junk removal in Olympia, WA. Contact Universal Junk Removal today to experience the benefits of a cleaner, clutter-free space. Unlock the full potential of your surroundings and enjoy a safer, more organized, and visually appealing environment. Take action now and let us handle your junk removal needs efficiently and effectively.

Explore Our Expert Junk Removal Services Tailored to Your Needs!

Olympia’s Premier Junk Busters

Universal Junk Removal’s Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Universal Junk Removal offers comprehensive junk removal services in Olympia, WA. Our dedicated team efficiently removes various unwanted items, including branches, yard waste, appliances, and construction debris.

Our technical characteristics set us apart in the industry. We ensure safe and efficient junk removal processes with advanced tools and equipment. In addition, our skilled team members are trained to handle different types of materials, ensuring proper disposal and recycling whenever possible. Whether you require a single item removed or require a complete clean-out, we have the expertise to tackle projects of any size.

From Junk to Joy: We Lift, Load & Liberate!

Universal Junk Removal’s Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

Nobody enjoys the burden of clutter and obsolete items piling up in their space. Fear not, as Universal Junk Removal is here to turn those troubles into triumphs. Moreover, our dedicated approach prioritizes donating your no-longer-needed belongings, followed by recycling or repurposing the materials they contain. Experience a cleaner, greener tomorrow with our exceptional services!

At Universal Junk Removal, we prioritize environmental responsibility. We strive to minimize the impact on the environment by disposing of items responsibly and promoting recycling initiatives. We aim to contribute to a cleaner and greener community by reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainable practices.

Furthermore, you can expect prompt and reliable service when you choose Universal Junk Removal. We understand the importance of your time and strive to complete projects efficiently without compromising quality. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and exceeding your expectations.

Experience the convenience and professionalism of Universal Junk Removal in Olympia, WA. Let us handle your junk removal needs, creating a cleaner, safer, and more organized space for you to enjoy. Thus, contact us today to schedule a service and discover why we are the trusted choice for junk removal in the area.

Get Help To Clean Out Your Garage!

Garage Clean-Outs

When you book Universal Junk Removal for your garage cleaning project, our professionally-trained junk removal team will handle all the sorting, labor, loading, hauling, proper disposal, recycling, or donating. We’ll revamp your garage or carport area, eliminating the accumulated mess and making room for your vehicle to be parked as intended. Regardless of whether you have a handful of items to discard or your garage is brimming with clutter, Universal Junk Removal is at your service to provide the assistance you need.

Olympia’s Premier Junk Busters

Construction, Demolition, & Remodel Debris Removal in Olympia, Washington.

Construction projects always result in garbage, waste, and debris that must be cleaned up at various phases. Also, after construction on your business or home is completed, you can count on us to make the area spotless.

So, our experienced team will ensure your new commercial building or home is comfortable, clean, and inviting. We meticulously attend to every detail, ensuring that each corner and crevice is thoroughly cleaned, enabling you to relish the comfort of your newly-transformed space.

Flooring Removal Services

Offering top-notch floor removal services for commercial, industrial, and residential projects, we handle various flooring types, including carpets, hardwood, and ceramic tiles. Our advanced floor removal equipment significantly cuts down floor covering extraction and preparation durations by 90%. Additionally, we ensure dust containment for active commercial establishments and residential areas. In addition, upon completion, we can transport the debris and tidy up the site.

How Can Our Junk Removal Experts Assist You?

Our crews delight in removing a majority of non-hazardous materials from your residence. Ranging from sizable appliances to worn-out mattresses and electronic devices, our skilled experts are prepared to relieve you of these burdens.